Crew Recruitment 

We have a database of thousands of crew members looking for there next position. SYP offer a very reasonable priced service to place the right crew first time.

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Tourism and Transportation

Priding ourselves on being a VIP Concierge, we can arrange exclusive excursions and experiences off the beaten track, and deal with all hotel and restaurant reservations specializing in luxury boutique hotels. Need onboard entertainment for a party, let us help! We can also take care of all your transportation needs, whether this be chauffeur driven airport transfers, weekly supercar rental, to private jets and helicopters, we can make it happen.

Yacht Clearances / Formalities

We can deal with all your cruising, customs and immigration procedures along with berth reservations, pilotage and even bunkering requirements. With our local expertise we know the importance of considering the tidal ranges in the UK that effects the suitability of ports for your Yacht. We can also assist in itinerary planning and make suggestions based on preferences and yacht size/draft limitations. The South Coast of the UK has a variety of Port options & shore side activities and is becoming increasingly popular for the modern day Superyacht.

Fresh Provisions and Supplies.

With a passion for SW produce we can bring you the best of what the UK has to offer, whilst also able to bring any international luxury staples as you may require them. We use only the best suppliers and can custom tailor provisioning requests dependent on tastes and budgets. You want Alba White Truffles flown in, the best Devon Wagyu, fine wines and luxury spirits, then we can provide! Ordering floral displays suitable for a Superyacht can be tricky when you don’t know an area and suppliers, let us do the legwork for you. With our expertise we will keep a close eye and ensure you get the designs you are after and can also make suggestions based on seasonality.

Shipyard Services

We can arrange technical services and support during yard periods, assist in arranging contractors, warranty work and help source replacement or spare parts as and when you may need them.

Shipping & Handling

We can manage all your freight handling needs and provide courier service for any items you may need to be shipped or taken into storage. Our local office address can be used for delivery of items/packages, which we will then deliver directly to your yacht.

Something Else

Our services are not limited to the information provided on this website. Anything else you you can think of just let us know and we will see what we can do!